Dynamic, intuitive solutions for your company’s communication, CCTV and printing requirements.

Dynamic, intuitive solutions for your company’s communication, CCTV and printing requirements.

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Video Conferencing | CCTV | Access Control

Call Cost Management.

IP PBX Networking
Printing Solutions
Video Conferencing
CCTV/Access Control
Call Cost Management.


Your office technology challenges, solved.

Through thorough testing, Bolela has partnered and teamed with, to
name but a few, champions of their respective industries. The likes of Seacom, DFA, 3CX, Yeastar, Ubiquiti, Mikrotik…all well adept in providing solutions to the ever-demanding industry we serve so vigilantly with only the best of technology on offer, that strives to deliver smart, efficient and sustainable solutions for all future endeavors to come.

VoIP and

Upgrade your business communication with our VoIP and IP PBX solutions. Enjoy crystal clear calls, advanced features and unified communications while saving money.

CCTV and Access Control

Integrating an access control system with a CCTV setup is essential in today’s environment. We only use the best equipment supplied by the largest security equipment company in the
world, HiKvision.



Unlock the full potential of your business with our high-speed fibre and wireless networks. Experience lightning-fast speeds, reliable connectivity, and enhanced security. Don’t be held
back by outdated technology.


Enjoy seamless communication and improved collaboration. With so many options available, we are well-positioned to help you find a video conferencing solution that fits the unique needs and budget of your business.


Streamline your printing needs with our print solutions. Enjoy cost savings, increased efficiency, better compliance, improved security and on-demand support.

About Bolela

With communication becoming such a profound and integral part of
business behaviour today, Bolela (the Northern Sotho for “talk”) with the ever-growing commodity of data, has combined these two revolutions to bring you bonolo (the Northern Sotho for ease and simplicity).

With all this in mind, and together with a giant in the office automation space, Konica Minolta Office Solutions, the exciting creation of “Bolela Office Solutions” has come into existence. As a solutions provider in the voice, telephony and connectivity space will offer holistic concepts and solutions to both small and medium sized enterprises and corporate alike throughout Mzansi.

The brainchild of Bolela was realised with a collective experience that spans an impressive 34 years between that of Keith Lee and Nicky Heszler. Fighting in the “business trenches”, together it was realised that the demand for structured and passionate delivery of service is ever increasing and with the combining of the two synergies, a powerhouse was achieved.