Information and Communication
Technology Specialists

Bolela (the Northern Sotho for “talk”) is a communications and information technology company that is situated in sunny Gauteng. Communication has become such a profound and integral part of business behaviour today. Bolela, with the ever-growing commodity of
data, has combined this revolution to bring you ease and simplicity in office automation.

The brainchild of Bolela Office Solutions was realised by Nicky Heszler and Keith Lee. They share an incredible collective experience of 36 years in the Information and Communication Technology sector. Bolela is a solutions provider in the voice, telephony, and connectivity space.

We offer holistic concepts and solutions that encapsulates smart, efficient, and sustainable services to all our customers throughout Mzansi. It really is that simple! Identifying, applying, and combining the application of digital technology along with communication, we constantly evolve, apply, and combine these synergies that will launch you in the connected world.

Company Mission

Bolela aims to bring dependable and stress-free solutions in office automation to businesses across South Africa. With our experience and expertise in voice and data communication, we offer a one-stop solution to connect you with your employees and customers. We utilise business technology and telecommunications to give you convenience and time-saving results, which are much-needed commodities in business today.