Most Small and Medium Enterprises struggle with tight budgets and a lack of resources to effectively secure their assets. Due to a lack of administrative resources, it is less likely for an SME to have full-time security personnel to monitor everyday security operations, which may result in longer response times to mitigate security threats.

However, as technology evolves, more products are launched in the marketplace every day, resulting in cost-effective solutions that are accessible to almost any small business. If you mentioned AI solutions and deep learning algorithms in the CCTV industry a few years ago, you instantly knew that you would not be able to afford it. Nowadays, these technologies are becoming standard practices when it comes to securing your business.  

Hikvision AI Solutions

AI technology and deep learning algorithms have taken CCTV solutions to the next level with increased performance and accuracy. A small business can now enjoy real-time and accurate security alerts without having to employ dedicated security personnel. SMEs can now also gain a proactive approach by attending to potential hazards before they happen, which will save you money on stock shortages and insurance premiums. 

One example is the use of Hikvision’s security devices with AcuSense technology powered by AI. AcuSense works to distinguish between humans, vehicles and other objects using its smart algorithms. This means it can filter out security alerts associated with humans (and/or vehicles) only triggered those for further attention and action. This greatly helps SME customers save on the overall labour cost that could otherwise be used for business improvement.

“Until recently, AI-powered security used to be reserved for enterprises and other large organizations with large budgets – but no longer. Now, small businesses can also harness the power of AI to improve your security, save time, and reduce costs – thanks to Hikvision’s AcuSense technology,”

Kevin You, Product Management Director at Hikvision.

Remote CCTV Access

Due to enhanced ease of connectivity made possible by Cloud technology, SMEs are now able to connect more CCTV cameras to their network. Hikvision’s Hik-Connect app offers seamless integration with all its security devices. This means SMEs can monitor video footage remotely, receive alert notifications or even open a door with audio communication. This saves SME customers some time as they go about their busy day.

How we can help you secure your assets and save money. 

From single-use interfaces to implementing multiple access control and CCTV systems, our experts can help you integrate your access control and CCTV operations. To install an effective CCTV system, we first need to have a comprehensive understanding of your requirements. There is no “one size fits all” approach when it comes to security systems. Bolela will conduct an in-depth assessment that identifies your needs and integrate a CCTV system that will not only keep your business secure but also streamline your operations. 

Simply request a callback, and one of our friendly advisors will be in contact with you for a free assessment and answer any questions you might have.