integrating VoIP with CRM software

3 Key Benefits of VoIP CRM Integration

Running a successful business requires well-prepared support and customer-focused processes to serve your customers even before you answer their call.  Integrating your VoIP telephone system with Customer Relationship Management software will enable your employees to attend to customer queries effectively and efficiently.

Both your CRM and business phone system are vital tools to keep track of business interactions with customers. And merging the two achieves the best performance of both. Using VoIP CRM integration allows you to auto-exchange data between two platforms and build relationships one conversation at a time. Your agents, representatives, or managers can boost efficiency with streamlined dialling and auto call logging to provide a better experience with real-time customer info on incoming calls.


What is VoIP CRM?

VoIP CRM Integration enables you to synchronise customer information between your VoIP phone and a 3rd party Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. Combining these elements helps you to unite your customer’s data, context and conversations to boost revenue and overall productivity.  

How you can benefit from VoIP CRM Integration. 

Better Customer Engagement

VoIP CRM integration allows your sales and support teams to anticipate a customer’s needs in real-time. When a customer phones, a pop-up screen will unfold the caller’s profile and display collected data such as: 

  • Contact information
  • Call history
  • Past support tickets
  • Past purchases
  • Custom notes

Accessing customer data in real-time saves the agent time and allows them to respond to any query effectively without having to search for their information as the call progresses.  

Better Management

Integrating VoIP with CRM software allows your management team to collect a wide range of statistics and data that provide valuable insights into employee performance. Management can use these insights to determine how many calls an agent deals with per day, the number of calls an agent misses and the average wait time on a call. By leveraging performance insights, management can determine if the agents need further sales and support coaching to improve overall efficiency and customer satisfaction.  

Greater ROI

VoIP CRM Integration will reduce expenditure and save you valuable time as you do not have to waste money on separate systems to achieve your desired results. With data, context and conversation united in one single platform, you can engage with your customers more efficiently, which in turn increases customer satisfaction and will garner a greater return on investment. Leveraging collected data will also help you reduce wasted man-hours.  

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How we can help you Benefit from VoIP CRM Integration. 

There are a few things to consider before switching to new applications. First, you have to look at what tools your customers and employees rely on? For example, can you boost efficiency in the workplace by giving your employees the proper tools to collaborate better on projects? Does your business operate remotely?

Integrating your VoIP system with CRM software can seem daunting, but, luckily we are here to assist you with tailored solutions specific to your organisation’s needs.

Simply request a callback, and one of our friendly advisors will be in contact with you for a free assessment and answer any questions you might have.