benefits of yeastar linkus unified communications softphone

7 Benefits of Yeastar’s Linkus Unified Communications Softphone

By incorporating the Linkus UC Softphone with the Yeastar PBX System, Yeastar can deliver a unified communications solution that offers a wealth of benefits to business communication, including mobility, flexibility and significant cost savings.  

1. Mobility

The Linkus UC Softphone easily turns your desktop or mobile device into an office extension as long as you have an internet connection allowing you to work from anywhere in the world. Enterprises using Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android devices can access seamless real-time business communication across their connected devices.

2. Initiating Ad Hoc Conferencing on Mobile Phones

With the Linkus UC Softphone, you can invite up to 9 participants to a conference call by using your mobile phone. Linkus will notify the invited members who can enter the meeting just by picking up the call.  

3. Linkus Cloud Service (LCS)

Yeastar developed the Linkus Cloud Service (LCS) as a value-added service designed to simplify the configuration of the Linkus server and network for Yeastar S-series VoIP PBX. With LCS applied, Linkus provides better call quality and security by preventing NAT issues and prevents exposing ports to the internet, 

4. Instant Messaging with File Sharing

The Linkus UC Softphone is equipped with instant messaging capabilities to supplement phone calls and increase flexibility. Without using any 3rd party applications, Linkus enables you to exchange information with colleagues through chat and share files quickly while on a call.  

5. Linkus UC Softphone CRM Integration

Today’s businesses use Customer Relationship Management or CRM to manage their interactions with customers and to reconcile data and conversions in one place. By leveraging VoIP CRM integration, your support and sales agents are equipped with tools such as pop-up contact info, which allows them to anticipate certain customer needs.  

The Yeastar Linkus UC Softphone can easily integrate with Customer Relationship Management Platforms such as Google contacts, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Outlook Contacts. 

6. Click to Call, Select & Dial with Hotkey

Click to call, select and dial with hotkey was developed to help your employees place calls easier and faster while avoiding misdials. With the Linkus for Google Chrome Extension, the software identifies telephone numbers appearing on the Google Chrome web browser and enables you to make calls directly from the Linkus UC Softphone with a simple click.  

Select and dial with hotkey enables you to dial a phone number from anywhere on your computer, whether it be a local document or other software-based applications.

7. Rich Presence Information

The Linkus UC Softphone provides you with a contact list where you will find all your colleagues’ contact details, including their extension, email address and profile picture. The Rich Presence Information feature helps you to identify if the colleague you are trying to reach is available, busy or offline with a coloured status indicator. You can also customise presence messages which allow your colleagues to know when and how to contact you. 

How we can help you make the Switch! 

There are a few things to consider before switching to a Softphone application. First, you have to look at what tools your customers and employees rely on? For example, would your customers like to speak to your support team via video conferencing and screen share? Can you boost efficiency in the workplace by giving your employees the proper tools to collaborate better on projects? Does your business operate remotely?

Considering a move to a Softphone application from a traditional Public Switched Telephone Network can seem daunting, but, luckily we are here to assist you with tailored solutions specific to your organisation’s needs.

Simply request a callback, and one of our friendly advisors will be in contact with you for a free assessment and answer any questions you might have.